Covid-19 Changing the Calculus for Active Adults 55+

The Decisions Were Always There

You always knew you will have to decide sooner or later.  When will I retire?  Where should I live?  Is it time to move closer to the family?  These life decisions may take up at least a portion of each and every day, and the timing of them is tricky.  After the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, the vast majority of the world’s population has been striving to isolate to one degree or another.  Until circumstances change, social distancing has added another variable to the calculus of decisions perhaps you and other older adults must address.


Being Social While Distancing

Let’s face it.  Loneliness and isolation are two of the worst parts of growing older, and quarantining does nothing to help!  Covid-19 has intensified the desire to connect with others.  Sometimes, knowing your neighbors are close at hand and finding new ways to enjoy each other’s company need both innovation and organization.  Active adult communities like Highland 55 at Spring Creek in Edmond, Oklahoma are working on developing the best practices so residents feel safe participating in the activities being organized.  Temperature checks, constant cleaning, limiting access to common areas keep risks low and connections to friends high.  Having fun, and staying active are important goals for the Highland 55 community.


Safety and Security Built In

Feeling safe starts with a safe location.  Edmond, Oklahoma is touted as one of the safest cities in the state and has a average crime index far below the national average. But safety requires a layered approach.  The community of 72 duplex homes features a gated entrance and attached one or two-car garages.  Inside, no-step entrances, wider doorways, and showers that are easy to access mean that hazards found in many other housing options are minimized.  Each unit is equipped with a security system  that allows for peace of mind for residents and their family members.  Professional staff is always available to take care of any repairs needed, and packages can be held or delivered right to your door.


Staying Healthy and Reducing Risk

Undoubtedly, if you’re managing to stay healthy during the pandemic, you have an even greater appreciation for wellness.  Lifestyle choices centered around staying closer to home and limiting the risk of coming into contact with viruses and other germs are top of mind.    Grocery delivery and meal delivery are options for limiting exposure.  On-site fitness center, coworking area, dog park, and community garden reduce the need to venture out into an uncertain environment.  When you choose to leave, you will discover plenty of shopping options and restaurants in the Spring Creek area.  Medical resources are close by so if you are looking for ways to live your life in a slightly smaller bubble, Highland 55 could be a great healthy option.  Even the design and building materials are chosen with care and whenever possible, nonmicrobial materials are used in the construction.


Decision Point

Decisions are made when life changes.  Covid-19 is certainly life-changing and is causing people to decide sooner to prioritize connection, safety, and health.  Highland 55 is committed to rewarding each and every resident who joins the community with the absolute pinnacle of an active adult lifestyle.  You can trust that the decision to rent your beautiful home will be a choice you will be thrilled you made!


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